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Sample Overnight Phuket Yacht Charter Menus

Below you wil find some mouth watering examples of the menu items that are possible when booking an overnight charter with Tiger Marine aboard SHANGANI, SILVERLINING, SANYATI & SHASHANI.

They are not definitive and the Ship's Chef will build the menu as they go along after conferring with you as to your preferences.



Fruit Juice - Coffee - Tea

Healthy Options

Fresh fruit - Cereals - Yogurt

Light Breakfast

Toast, Bread Rolls or Croissants, with Butter and Jams
Eggs cooked in the style of your choice

The Full Monty

Bacon - Sausage - Beans - Tomato
Omelets with a choice of fillings

Asian Style

Cup Noodles
Thai Fried Rice


Soups, Starters & Salads

Tom Yum Goong - the well known spicy
Thai soup with prawns and lemon grass

Tom Kha Talay - a delicious mix of seafood
in creamy coconut

Tom Kha Gai - a coconut soup with slivers
of chicken

Gaeng Liang Fak-Tong – a creamy
pumpkin and coconut soup

Gaeng Chued - a clear vegetable soup with meatballs
All the above can be prepared either spicy or mild, whichever you prefer.

Thai Spring Rolls

Satay with Prawn, Beef or Chicken
Thai Fish Cakes / Prawn Cakes

Spicy Thai Salads

A variety of typical spicy salads, including Beef,
Squid, Prawn, Seafood, Pomello, Minced chicken
or Duck, or Green Mango.

We also serve a variety of Western Salads (see below)



International Dishes

Shangani Specials

Shangani Casserole of Beef, served with
creamed potatoes and fresh vegetables

Shangani Style Beefburgers, with French Fries or Salad


Freshly caught fish of the day, baked, grilled or fried
Fried Snapper served with fresh garden salad
Snapper Filet Mediterranean style
Grilled salmon
Fish 'n Chips


Pasta Marinara
Spaghetti Bolognese
Tagliatelle Carbonara
Seafood with Pasta

Light Snacks

Salads - Caesar, Potato, Tuna and Egg
Tuna dip with fresh crisp vegetables for dipping
Nacho wraps with salmon and cream cheese
Hummus with pitta bread
Prawn Toasts or Prawn Crackers
Gourmet sandwiches  • Biscuits and cheese


Thai Cuisine

Thai Curries

Thai Curries are world famous and we have a large selection for you to choose from.
We can prepare them mild or hot, whichever you prefer.

Green or Red Curry, with Chicken or Prawn
Prawn & Pineapple Curry
Massaman Curry with Chicken or Beef
Coconut Curry with Snapper Filet
Mixed Vegetable Curry


These delicious Thai stir-fries are very well known and can be prepared mild or hot, according to your preference.

Stir-fried Beef with Broccoli and Oyster Sauce Stir-fried Noodles Thai Style with Prawns
Stir-fried Chili Pork
Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Sweet & Sour Prawns
Deep fried Fish with Sweet 'n Sour Sauce
Mixed stir-fried Vegetables
with Oyster Sauce
Thai Fried Rice


Children's Menu

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Fried rice
Omelettes with a choice of fillings
Burger patties with French fries
Chicken satay sticks
Fish and chips
Egg and chips
Sausage and egg
Pizzas with a choice of toppings



Barbecue Menu

There is a large BBQ on board, and the chef can barbecue your favourite meats, fish, or vegetables for you.

BBQ Choices
Chicken Pieces (piri piri or plain)
Pork Chops or Spare Ribs
Home made delicious hamburgers
Freshly caught Fish

All of the above served with salads and baked potatoes or fries.

Ice Cream and Sorbet selections
Pumpkin cooked in Coconut milk
Fresh fruit salad
Banana Fritters
Pancakes with a choice of fillings
Fresh seasonal fruits
Cheese and biscuits



Drinks & Snacks

There are unlimited soft drinks and bottled water available on board, as well as wine (up to half bottle per person per day), and beer (up to 6 cans per person per day). There are a variety of snacks – let our chef surprise you.


Obviously we cannot cater for a different dish for each guest, so please rally your group over dinner, and decide what you would all like for the following day. The boat is well stocked, but we may not have everything on board, so please give us advanced notice of your preference or conjure up your own ideas, and see what the chef can do for you.

Certain food images on this page courtesy of (freefoodphotos.com) / CC BY 3.0