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Catering to all large group yacht charter needs

A large group yacht charter cruise on Shangani from Tiger Marine Charter can accommodate up to 60 guests on a day-cruise with up to 100 guests when combined with our sister ship. Sailing around the many islands surrounding Phuket, Thailand you can party your hearts out or lie back and relax as we take you and your friends on the adventure to end all adventures. Catering for large or small groups of all sizes. We offer unrivalled service for parties of friends or company employess on board – Weddings, Stag parties, Birthdays, Corporate Teambuilding events, we can accomodate you all. We are also extremely flexible when it comes to timings (tides allowing) and carry menus for on board and beach dining and special requests.

Hop on board our amazing Phuket based Catamaran and we can offer you the trip of a lifetime!

Our boat Shangani, catamaran phuket large group yacht charter

30 to 60 Persons
On board entertainment
Secret beach
Flexible Hours
Watersports • Live Music

large group yacht charter thailand

shangani catamaran large group yacht charter beach dinner cruises

Up to 150 pax with 3 yachts
Beach games & Toys
BBQ & Thai Menus
Timings to suit you
Private location

large group yacht charter thailand

shangani catamaran large group yacht charter boat and secret beach party

Secret Beach
Beach BBQ
Seated buffet
Beach games & Toys
Ice Cold Drinks

large group yacht charter thailand

on board wedding and beach photographs on shangani with large group yacht charter

Wedding Celebrations
Hen & Stag Parties
Corporate Teambuilding
Beach & Boat

large group yacht charter thailand

Why Choose SHANGANI for your large group yacht charter in Thailand?

  • We are big and spacious meaning we can hold up to 60 persons on a large group yacht charter around the waters of Phuket, Thailand
  • Perhaps there are others which class themselves as " luxurious" and indeed they probably are.
  • Our catamaran SHANGANI is big and we are very different.
  • Jacuzzi, masseuse on board, plenty of crew to pamper you and we have the space for the little luxuries.
  • Coffee machine serving Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, and Iced Mocha's. Fresh Fruit Juice, Veggie juice and Smoothies with a choice of dining areas.
  • And what about Price - so important these days!
  • Our competitors take 10 at the most in 4 or 5 cabins.
  • We take 16 in 6 cabins and our crew have their own cabin and I bet you we are cheaper!
  • Day yacht charters, we can take large groups, we do often.
  • Stag parties, Hen parties, Pre-Wedding and Post Wedding events and Weddings themselves.
  • Corporate meetings, teambuilding and fun day out events.
  • If you are more than 50 people we team up with other boats that cruise along side us and intermingle at anchor.
  • We have catered for 130 people in a raft up corporate event!
  • Yes, there are other boats faster than us but what's the point? What's the rush?
  • We can't do Phi Phi in a day charter , they can but we will take you to far better islands in Puket's local waters!. Phi Phi is famous, yes but because it's famous it's crowded.
  • We can take you there on an overnight but we will take you to a quiet anchorage, we can also take you ashore if you want. Our question is why take a beautiful yacht and then go and sit with a load of tourists from all walks of life?
  • Yes, the quicker boats are fast, but limited on catering and have a small crew, limited choice on where you can sit, relax and soak in the world famous scenery of Thailand.
  • We have our own Chef on board to give you the variety and the freshly cooked food that you desire and deserve.
  • We have on our overnight charters our own masseuse, now with us for 3 years.
  • The other faster type boats don't have space for these luxuries, so whilst their food might be good, it's pre packed and no one carries a masseuse!
  • So choose us, the Phuket catamaran SHANGANI, for an unforgettable Thailand yachting experience