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Watersports & Toys

Why choose us?
We have our own private beach (Nov-April) We can sit you down on this beach for fine dining, seafood BBQ's, Check out our Beach dining tab.

Trailing behind our boat at anchor is our "WATERPARK" Yes, two water Jacuzzi's , a water trampoline and huge slide. No body else has this sort of entertainment.So our beach parties with all our beach games and waterpark is incredible fun for everyone

The beach is set up for weddings, and the reception after, Right on the beach and whats more, your own beach!

Want to go faster?

We can arrange an affiliated company, Blue Wave Cruises to provide Water Ski-ing Wakeboard, Donut Rides, Jet Skis which can be done on Naka Island

Please Note: Underwater sports and SUP (Standup Paddle Boards) are not available to inebriated guests


Very Large Groups & Beach Parties

We can provide all the ameneties and entertainments catering for large parties - max 60 pax on Shangani and we can also take an affiliated large catamaran making the maximum 100 people. Whether you wish to stay on board or roll it into a big beach party, we are the ones for you. Please click the links below to find out more.


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