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For your day cruise on Shangani we have a large variety of dishes, combining a selection of grilled seafood and meats on the barbecue,  with a delicious variety of Thai dishes. Here is our standard menu, for lunch either on board, or on our island beach. 

Let us know in advance of any special dietary requirements. The meals will be served buffet style. If you have children with you, please tell us if you would like us to prepare something specially for them. If there is anything you would especially like, which does not appear on this menu, please let us know, and any dishes you would like to substitute. We will prepare a menu tailored especially for you and your group.

Our Standard Day Cruise Menu

Asian Cuisine

Tom Yum Goong
The well known Spicy Soup with Prawns and Lemongrass

Gaeng Keow Wan Pak
Thai Green Curry with Vegetables

Paneang Gai
Penang Red Thai Curry with Chicken

Pad Prak Ruam
Mixed Stir Fried Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

All the above served with Jasmine Rice

Shangani Noodles

Singapore Style with Shredded Chicken & Vegetables

On the Barbecue

Freshly caught Fish, Squid & Prawns

Spicy Chicken

Coriander Sausages

Baked Potato

Corn on the Cob

All the above served with Fresh Salads, Mozambique Periperi Sauce & Thai Nam Jim Sauce


Fresh Tropical Fruit

Mango & Sticky Rice

Specials Available to Pre-Order

Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai
A popular Thai dish of noodles and chicken with a garnish of peanuts and bean-sprouts.

Spicy Prawn Salad
A refreshing and delicious mix of prawns, shallots and eggs, flavoured with chilli, coriander and lemon grass

Tod Man Goong
Thai Prawn Cakes served with Plum sauce.

Thai Curry

Thai curries are deservedly world famous, and we have a selection here for you to choose from.

Please choose one of the following, and tell us whether you would like it hot or mild, and if you prefer chicken, prawns, beef or vegetables.

Gaeng Phad Waan
Red Thai Curry
Gaeng Phak Ruam
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Massaman Curry

The curries are served with Jasmine Rice

Fresh Tropical Fruits and A selection of sweet Thai desserts



Barbecue Menu

Mixed Seafood Platter
with whole Snapper Fish and Tiger Prawns grilled on the barbecue, served with a spicy Thai chilli dip

Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs
with mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers marinated in lemon juice, chilli and soy sauce.

Barbecued Steaks
Due to the high cost of good imported steak we offer you these Australian Steaks at an extra charge. Tenderloin (300 gram) or T-bone (350 -400 gram) 500 bt

Phad San Mee
Stir fried vegetables with rice noodles and oyster sauce

Home-made Potato Salad with gherkins, bacon and egg.
Fresh Garden salad
Garlic bread


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